Monitoring the technical condition of buildings and structures

The automatic monitoring system is designed to monitor objects both during the process and during operation. Monitoring in on-line mode, guarantees the detection of changes in the status of structures and structures before the onset of a critical moment, which will allow timely response and take measures to eliminate them.
We provide full support of the project - software development, manufacturing, supply and installation of networks and equipment.

Construction and assembly of work
  • Installation of fast-erected buildings, technological metal structures of sandwich panels, ventilated facades.

  • Installation of low-current and electrical networks.

  • Installation of technological and electrical equipment.

Delivery and installation
technological equipment
  • Submersible slag electric pumps with power from 2.2 to 110 kW.

  • Chemical centrifugal pumps intended for the supply of aggressive, toxic liquids that cause corrosion and contain solid impurities.

  • Rotary pumps. Compact design, "gentle" pumping, good suction performance and dry running, as well as easy access to the working components of the pump.

  • Shut-off valves, check valves and screen filters.